Omnical calorimeter overview

Omnical calorimeters have the unique ability to remove thermal damping and lag effects inherent in small scale calorimetry. This allows our systems generate accurate data that accurately characterize large scale processes while running small scale reactions.

Omnical calorimeters:

  • removes thermal (lag) conductivity effects - enabling scalability to manufacturing
  • generates real kinetics that match other analytical instruments (GC/HPLC)
  • runs at small scale with disposable reactors
  • high speeds stirring eliminates mass transfer issues

Differential Accelerating Rate Calorimeter (Global Patented)

arc The first true 100% adiabatic calorimeter. Allows researchers to accurately run high temperature industrial scale chemistry for chemical and process hazards.

PT-DSC - Pressure Tracking Differential Scanning Calorimeter (Global Patent Pending)

arc The PT-DSC gram scale pressure tracking DSC designed for thermal hazard assessment. The system determines onset temperature, pressure evolution and max energy release by the reaction


SuperCRC - Reaction Calorimeter

arc Industry standard small scale reaction calorimeter for assessing process operability, screening for chemical hazards, obtaining enthalpies and heat flow for thermodynamics and global kinetics

Insight Reaction Screening System

arc Multi- channel reaction screening system for browsing reaction profiles, early process screening, catalyst screening and late stage QC verification. Also generates enthalpies and heat flow for thermodynamics and global kinetics.