supercrc reaction microcalorimeter

SuperCRC Reaction Calorimeter

The SuperCRC is the industry standard small scale reaction microcalorimeter for early process characterization, kinetics, and safety screening. This small scale reaction calorimeter is used to accurately map out chemical pathways prior to scale-up because it generates scalable heatflow that matches real chemical conversion. 

Key Features:

• Characterize reactions with grams of materials while producing data that scales for production processes.

• Browse & screen reaction reactions early for hazardous events and non-scalable factors.

• Obtain total heats, scalable heat release rate profile, reaction kinetics and thermodynamics, heat capacity and thermochemical conversion.

• Designed for industrial chemistry - perform wide ranging reactions from pressure to semi-batch reactions with both overhead and internal stirring.

One Reaction Calorimeter Multiple Uses:

The SuperCRC reaction calorimeter is designed to handle a wide range of chemistry requirements from high pressure, to slurries, and highly viscous materials. Scientists using this system can deliver high-quality scalable calorimetric data with minimal material and time.

This unique reaction calorimeter platform also combines three calorimetric operations in one instrument: reaction calorimetry, pressure-tracking macro-DSC and conventional microcalorimetry.


Reaction Calorimeter Specifications:

• Temperature range from -100C to +200C
• 1 microwatt sensitivity
• 15ml borosilicate glass septa sealed reactors (6ml also available on request)
• HastelloyC pressure reactors up to 1000 psig
• 1400 rpm internal magnetic stirring, 1000 rpm mechanical stirring
• Visual observation through a borescope.
• Automated syringe pump dosing available

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