Insight Parallel Reaction Calorimeter

The Insight system is a 8 channel reaction calorimeter system designed for reaction screening with an emphasis on catalytic reactions in process development and catalyst induction time screening. With 8 parallel reactions, chemists can comb though reaction spaces very quickly and identify trends in their chemistry.

Key Features:

• Produces data that can scale for production processes.

• Browse and screen reaction multiple reactions profiles early with grams of materials

• Obtain total heat released, scalable heat release rate profile, reaction kinetics and thermodynamics, heat capacity and thermochemical conversion.

• Perform wide ranging reactions from pressure to multi-step reactions with preheating and differential capabilities that eliminate error from sensible heats.

One System Multiple Uses:

This ten channel system not only performs more reactions, it allows chemists to make better sense of their reactions by providing an array of reaction profiles.  The new 2010 Insight system excels has individual vortex stirring for screening heterogeneous catalytic reactions and is a superb system for monitoring induction times in polymerization chemistry. 


Insight Parallel Reaction Calorimeter Specifications: 

• 8 reactors - dual reagent injections per reactor
• temperature range from -100C to +200C
• 10 microwatt sensitivity stirred
• pressure reactors up to 500 psig
• 1400 rpm internal vortex magnetic stirring
• preheating block and differential capabilities available to eliminate sensible heat effects