PT-DSC Pressure Tracking Differnential Scanning Calorimeter

The Pressure Tracking Differntial Scanning Calorimeter is designed to be the first step in thermal hazard assessment. This system offers a comprehensive solution to classical DSC/DTA by generating:
1) onset temperature for the reaction
2) pressure evolution by the reaction
3) max energy release by the reaction

The PT-DSCTM offers the same operational simplicity of traditional DSCs while providing pressure data and allowing samples sizes from 0.2ml to 2ml that are representative of reaction mixtures. The system operates by heating samples at user defined rates between 0.01 and 5°C/min while both temperature and pressure are recorded.



► PT-DSCTM Primarily Designed For Reactive Chemical Screening
► Wide Temperature and Pressure Range
► Simultaneous Pressure and Temperature plots.
► Representative Sample Size.
► Mid-Test Injection Against Pressure
► Low Operational Costs